Services Offered

When it comes to Apple Macs and information technology, we cover all kinds of repair services. If it’s related to the hardware or software of your Apple Mac, we can help you out with it.

Check out the list of services that we offer.

  • Apple Mac Air repair
  • Apple Mac computer repair
  • iMac backlight repair
  • MacBook keyboard repair
  • Apple MacBook screen repair
  • Apple MacBook Pro repair
  • MacBook Pro keyboard repair
  • MacBook battery repair
  • MacBook Pro screen repair
  • iMac graphic cards repair
  • Apple Mac power socket and DC jack repair
  • Apple Mac liquid spillage repair
  • Apple Mac screen replacement and repair
  • Apple Mac motherboard repair
  • Apple Spyware and virus removal
  • Linux, Mac OSX, and Windows installation
  • Apple Mac component upgrades (hard disk drive, memory, etc.)

Apart from those mentioned above, we also provide services such as the following:

  • Website hosting and design
  • Creation of database
  • Small business contracting and server maintenance.
  • Custom-built PCs to order

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