Professional Apple Mac Repairs and Upgrades

At PC Ideals, we offer services such as professional diagnosis of Apple MacBooks and iMacs, repairs for laptops and desktops, and upgrades for your Apple Mac RAM, SSD/HDD, and Mac OS X.
Check out the following list of our Apple expert Mac repair services below!

• Professional diagnosis on Apple MacBooks and iMacs
• Repairs for Laptops and Desktops
• Upgrades for your Mac’s RAM, HDD/SSD and Mac OS X

Mac Repairs

Among many other services, we perform Apple Mac and iMac repair for the following issues:
• Flashing folder at the time of start-up
• Broken MacBook Screens
• Battery Replacement
• Internal iMac Repairs
• HDD failure in iMac or replacement
And much more…

Mac Upgrades

To make your MacBook or iMac more powerful and smooth, we provide the following services, among many others:
• Increase the RAM of your Apple device
• Replacing the HHD/SSD
• Updating Mac OS X to the latest available version
And much more…

If you want to know more about the Mac upgrades and repairs, head on to Mac-Shack to better understand the issues and services.

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