Remote Online Support

We provide instant and helpful remote online technical support for any issue you face with your Apple Mac system. Take a peek at all that we’ve got in store for you!
  • Call us now and get your Mac fixed immediately

    Our Apple Mac repair UK experts use secure and industry-approved remote support tools. With their expert guidance, you will not feel their physical absence at all.

    The professional engineers at PC Ideals use an extensive range of software to diagnose and then repair your Mac system. This software helps our professionals to identify the root cause of the problem accurately.

    Once we have identified the issue with your Apple Mac system, we decide upon an Apple Mac repair cost and inform you about the same. If we cannot resolve the issue remotely, we arrange for a free-of-charge pick-up service for your device.

    This enables us to work on your device at our Apple iMac repair centre. After this, we send the device back to you once it has been repaired.

  • Business Software Support

    If you are looking for business software or an off-the-shelf software package, PC Ideals can help you with it. We liaise with the manufacturers, developers, and software houses to procure advanced services.

    We take guidance from the support teams of these advanced houses to resolve almost any issue that you might be facing. If your software is tailor-made for your business, we have developers who can assist and resolve these issues.

  • Mac Maintenance

    Not only do our engineers help you resolve issues remotely, but they also give you advice on how you can improve the performance of your Mac by optimizing it. Our professionals help you in running your Mac like a brand-new device at all times.

    We also help you remove spyware and viruses to maintain your Apple Mac device. We ensure that the resources on your Mac are being used by effective and safe programs only.

  • Setting up a new Mac or upgrading an old one

    If you have purchased a new Mac and are facing difficulty setting it up, our online technical support team is here to save your day. Our team of professionals will help you transfer all the essential files, settings, and system preferences to your new device.

    Furthermore, our experienced engineers will also help you install the required security software to keep your Mac secure.

  • Connecting relevant devices to your Mac

    Yes, we are talking about printers, smartphones, scanners, and cameras. These are the most common devices that you are likely to use with your Mac.

    Through online correspondence, the professionals at our Mac and iMac repair store will help you troubleshoot all those issues that you face while connecting these devices to your Mac.

    Call us to avail of the extensive range of services we have put together, especially for your Mac systems.

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